Income Program Review

Have you concluded that it is impossible to make money online? Where the truth is that you can not only make money online but you can also make money online easily. Many people have been liberated from such mindsets of not been able to make money online by the Corona virus pandemic (it is no longer am epidermic). With the national stay at home order many entrepreneurs have no access to their brick and mortar businesses and they are seeking to go online. Salary earners keep dying in fear everyday for fear of receiving a sack letter. I guess the max work sack at Access bank PLC is not strange to you. In fact the only set of people (workers) that are safe during this convid 19 pandemic are the government workers.

So if you are just getting started in the make money online industry, I am here today to suggest a quick way you can get started, mind you, it is quick and dangerous. Nothing online is 100% safe.

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It is an online income platform like nnu forum and ATPAYS. This is kind of a rebranded version of the industry starters and quite have a different mode of operation.

Today I would be reviewing income program, oh yes, it is an income program because you actually get to earn from it. is registered under the Cooperate Affair Commison of Nigeria (CAC) with the registration number RC1608648. Although this does not tell us if an income program is a scam or probably legit, it also goes a long way to secure us as their information is being made online at the Cooperate Affairs Commission website.


Under, there are various ways you earn, but they are majorly classified into two broad headings which are


  • Monthly revenue share¬†
  • Affiliate Commison


Monthly revenue share simply means the ratio sharing of how much the income programs makes via other mediums except from registration fees. Example of sources of these income include paid sponsored post and advertisment served by third parties or probably ads networks.

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While the Affiliate Commison is the money you are being paid as a reward for each person you refer to that finally get registered. That is you have to get someone to register through your referral link to receive a referral or Affiliate Commison.


You can have a share in the monthly revenue generated by the platform by carrying out some daily task such as reading of news, liking post and sharing sponsored post or links on your Facebook timeline.


How much you earn on

Earning on is quite straight forward and void of revenue slashing like other income programs.

  • You earn 200 points for reading news. Meaning if you read 10 news daily, you automatically earn 2000p.
  • You earn 50 points for comment on the news or articles you read.
  • You earn 5000 points for login in daily. This equally implies that if you login everyday for the period of one month you automatically earn 15000p.
  • You earn 60 points for liking articles and news
  • If you are good in composing articles, you earn 1000 points for every well structured article you composed and post on the platform.
  • This seems to be the highest. You earn 10000 points for every sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline.
  • For referrals, you automatically earn 75% of whatever your referral pays as a registration fee.
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You can withdraw a minimum of #1000 for referral earners, this include the both paid and free members.


Minimum withdrawal for activities such as liking and sharing of sponsored post is #2000 and it is only available for paid memebers.


One good thing about is that you can make money from referrals without paying money to register.


How to get started.

  • Go to
  • Click on sign up
  • Fill the form and input a valid email address
  • Activate your account with your email address.
  • Upgrade to a paid plan if you want to earn activities bonuses.