Team Bulldozer TBD Income Program Review: Team Bulldozer Legit or Scam?

This is one income program that is quite popular in Lagos. In fact if you take a good look at some income programs in Nigeria, both legit and scams, they are mostly located in the mega state of Lagos. Oh yes, almost every guy now is a web developer in fact I know of some people who teach people how to develop websites for as low as #2500. Yeso the thing Don cast reach like that. However, team bulldozer income program was not founded by one man on the streets of Lagos. Team bulldozer Income Program as also called is a money making platform created by Team Bulldozer which is an already established firm, with the vision of giving Nigerians the opportunity to raise some cash from the comfort of their bedroom. This is like other income programs like nnu forum and the rest where you do specific tasks and get paid for doing those tasks. According to team bulldozer, a member of the income program can make up to N3000 – N5000 daily using your mobile phone.

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Once you successfully become a member of team bulldozer by purchasing a membership plan with the sum of N1,500, you are given basic tasks to perform just like other platforms. What are those tasks? They are Referral, Sharing content on Facebook, Daily Login etc.


How to get registered on team bulldozer income program.

The method here is quite very easy and user friendly compared to other platforms.

All you need to do is

  • Go to

  • Click on the menu bar

  • Click on register.

  • Fill in your necessary details.

  • Make payment with either an e-pin or using your credit card.

  • The registration fee is #1500.


How to earn on team bulldozer 

The earning policy in team bulldozer is not quite different from that of the numerous earning platforms we have be reviewing on this site except for the fact that they use points to calculate your activities earning.

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  • You earn 50 points every day you login.

  • You earn 200 points for sharing sponsored post on your Facebook timeline. One good team about team bulldozer that you cannot find in other income sites is that they allow you to share more than one sponsored post daily, the sponsored post can be up to four for a day.

  • You earn 5 points for viewing and commenting on articles.

  • You automatically earn 250 points whenever your post gets approved on the platform.

  • You earn #1000 whenever you refer someone to get registered in platform.


If you are a referral earner you will get paid once you earn up to #3000 but for non referral earners you get paid every Friday if you beat the minimum withdrawal limit.

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Is team bulldozer legit?

Well, all platforms are legit until they go under. It is hard to really know if team bulldozer is going to end up a scam because we have seen other platform like ATPAYS living up to expectations. However, the growth of the platform is directly proportion to how legit it is, and the growth will always be determined by the marketing strategies of the administrator.

So I would advice that you should never use money meant for something serious in platforms like this, I am a member in most of them and I barely use part of the money I make in various side hustle to foot the registration bills.


If you got any further information concerning this platform either to increase it authenticity or it’s scamming nature please do well to let us know.