Sunbiz Forum – How To Make Money on Sunbiz Income Program

Sunbiz Forum – How To Make Money on Sunbiz Income Program

Sunbiz is yet another trending income program we need to review today. We have heard about the likes of Giftalworld, NNU, Candynews and many others and how they operate.

Well, Sunbiz Forum too operates the same way where you will be required to perform some easy tasks like reading news, commenting, sharing, posting, referring e.t.c in order to make money.

We are in a period when the prices of things have increased due to the Covid 19 pandemic. This is one of the reasons almost everyone in Nigeria is on the lookout for the best ways to make money online. Meanwhile, income programs are fast dominating everywhere.

Today, let us review another income program known as Sunbiz Forum.

About Sunbiz Income Program

The Sunbiz Forum has stood out to be the cheapest to join among the many income programs we have in Nigeria. You can register with as low as N500 and still have a good Income by the end of the month.

Sunbiz Forum generates revenue from the adverts running on their platform. So they have decided to share the revenue with you for performing some easy tasks that we would be discussing as you read through this article.

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How Much Money You Can Make On Sunbiz Forum

Let’s quickly look at the number of ways that you can make money on this platform and what they worth. You should check them out below;

  • Article Submission – You will earn N30 for each approved post that you submit to Sunbiz Forum. For those of you who have flair for writing, then this is an opportunity for you to make money.
  • Login – You will earn N100 for login into your Sunbiz Forum account. This is just cool because if you are consistent enough to login to your Sunbiz Forum account daily for 30 days. You will be making an average of N3,000 in a month without stress.
  • Comments – You will earn N5 for each comment that you make on Sunbiz Forum. There are a lot of posts on the platform where you can drop your comment. Imagine commenting on 20 posts everyday and making N100 per day.
  • Reading News – You will earn N5 on each news that you read on the platform. Therefore, you can feed your information bank with the latest updates and still fill your bank account with money. You can read as much news as you can.
  • Registration Bonus – You will earn N300 for being a successful member of Sunbiz Forum. This serves as a welcome bonus which implies that you get this once.
  • Referral – You will earn N300 for each person that registers on Sunbiz through your referral link. If you are good at inviting people to join a platform, then this is for you. So try as much as possible to refer to many so as to make more money.
  • Sponsored Posts – You will earn N250 for each sponsored post that you share to your facebook timeline. This is just another cool means because it takes you nothing to do this every day.
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Therefore, the amount of money that you can make on Sunbiz Forum actually depends on how active you are on the platform.

Is Sunbiz Forum A Scam or Legit Platform

Fortunately, this is one of the few legitimate income programs that we have heard about recently. They have been said to have over 27,000 members and have successfully paid out to thousands of people. Meanwhile, we have not recorded any scam case related to this platform.

Therefore, we can boldly say that Sunbiz Forum is a legit income program. In case you are interested in this platform, you should register with them as soon as possible because we don’t know what might happen tomorrow.

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How To Register With Sunbiz Forum

  1. Have your N500 registration fee.
  2. Contact any of these vendors on WhatsApp to get a coupon code
  • MR SAMUEL – 08104948560
  • IRON LADY – 08074865056
  • EMMY TV – 09090561367
  • Jaylogo – 07052262377
  • Lizzie – 08160507340
  • Tomi – 07084913746
  1. Visit
  2. Navigate to Join Sunbiz Technology Income
  3. Input the required details + coupon code

With the look of things, we have come to conclude that Sunbiz Forum is a legit platform as at the time of publishing this article.

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