NewsNaira Income Program Review : How To Make Money On The Platform

NewsNaira Income Program Review : How To Make Money On The Platform

NewsNaira Income Program is yet another income program that might credit your account sooner or later. But you need to read this so that you know how it works.

Firstly, I would love to make it clear to you that NewsNaira and Newspay are two separate income programs even if their name seems so similar.

Well, you will be learning everything that you need to know about the NewsNaira Income Program in this article today.

About NewsNaira

NewsNaira Income Program has been around for about two years as at the date of publishing this article. They claim to help the masses make some extra income for everyone that has access to the internet.

Just like most income programs that you hear everyday, NewsNaira is no different from them because you will get paid for reading news, sharing posts, commenting on posts, publishing posts and referring people to join the platform.

An undeniable fact is that making some money through these things should be really interesting and fun because those activities that you’re meant to do are what you do on your regular social media platforms every day without getting a dime.

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How Much Money Can You Make On NewsNaira

The amount of money that you can make on NewsNaira actually depends on how active you are on the platform. You can make a lot of money daily from this platform if proper procedures are followed. Meanwhile, let’s take a glance of how much money you can make on NewsNaira below;

  • Daily Active Login : You will earn N50 just for login into your NewsNaira account and spend about 10 minutes on the platform. So interesting because I know Mark don’t pay you for login into your Facebook or Whatsapp
  • Reading News; You earn N2 for reading news. Wait, you will get informed for free and you will still get paid. Sounds cool right?
  • Commenting: You will earn N3 for every comment you make on the platform. Something good about this is that you can comment on as many posts as you wish.
  • Posting News :You will earn N5 for posting news and articles. There are several things happening around you that you can present as articles or news to make money on the NewsNaira Income Program.
  • Sharing Sponsored Posts: You will earn N100+ for every sponsored post that you share to your social media accounts.
  • Referral : You will earn N1,000 for every person that you refer to the NewsNaira Income Program. Yes, this is where the biggest cake lies. This implies that you should try to make your family and friends register through you so that you can make N1,000 on each of them.
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How You Get Paid

Well, you should note that you must reach the payment threshold which is N5,000 before you can request for payment. This withdrawal is done weekly on Fridays providing that you fill in your bank account details during the registration process.

Is NewsNaira Legit or Scam

It is true that you need to be careful when you are dealing online. But since this income program was launched we have not recorded any scam case by its members and the website is still very much live as of the moment we wrote this piece.

Therefore we can call this platform a legit one. Meanwhile, this doesn’t stop you from making for enquiries from its members to see if they were paid or scammed.

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How To Register With NewsNaira

I would say that this section is meant for those that have made up their mind to join the NewsNaira Income Program. Now let’s get started below ;

  • Have your N1,600 registration fee ready.
  • Visit to proceed with your registration.
  • Fill the required details which include your names, nickname, bank details, password e.t.c
  • You will be directed to the page where you will make payment and become a verified member.

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