Guaranty Trust Bank (GT bank) GTB USSD Codes

Guaranty trust bank popularly known as GT bank is one of most favorite commercial banks in Nigeria today. They offer a lot of 4th generation technologies that make spending and saving my money very efficient with them. However, one major issue most people I have come across with have with them is the low rate at which they open branches. If you take a look at other banks like United Bank for Africa and Firstbank plc, you would notice that they got branches everywhere unlike GT bank that only placed branches at strategic locations.

If this is the major problem you are encountering with GT bank I have a solution to it for you, in fact two solutions to it.

  • Firstly, you can choose to download their mobile banking app as most of the things that are being done in the bank can also be done via the mobile banking app.
  • Seconding is to employ the use of their banking USSD code. Oh yes, this is the one I will be talking about today. So hang on and let’s get started.
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To use the GT bank USSD codes for banking transactions you must have the following,

  • A GT bank account.
  • A mobile phone (not necessarily a smart phone)
  • The Sim card which you used while opening your GT bank account.


Let’s get started.

To access the GT bank USSD banking menu, simply dial *717# .



  • To buy airtime for yourself : This literally means to buy airtime for the same number you  used when filling you account form. Dial *737# after which you dial 1.
  • To buy airtime for someone else : Dial *737# after which you dial 2. You will be required to input his / her phone number, please do make sure you double check the phone number as the bank would not be held responsible if you credit a wrong phone number.
  • To transfer money to a GT bank account : Dial *737#, and then dial 4. You will be required to give the destination account number as well. Please before the transaction is finalized, you would be shown the name on that account number, do very well to confirm before moving on.
  • To transfer money to a non-UBA bank account : dial *737#, and then dial 5. You would be also asked for the destination account number and the destination bank. After you fill in those details correctly, make sure you confirm with the full name before pressing send. For transfers above #50000 you may be required to set a second pin for greater security of your money.
  • To check your account balance : simply dial *737#, and dial 8. You will only be asked for your pin, after which your account balance will pop up on your screen. This particular service used to be free but now it attracts a fee of #10.
  • To buy mobile data for yourself : dial *737#, and then you dial 3, you will then be asked if you want to buy the data for yourself or your friend, all you need to do is respond with either yes or no.
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This is very easy to carry out, and all transactions make with the USSD code method is carried out within micro seconds making it very efficient for business. However, when it come to bank transfer, there is a daily limit of ninety thousand naira. So make sure your purchase do not exceed this limit if not you would have to use a pos system.

GT bank also facilitates careless withdrawal system with your fingerprint on all of their ATMs. Please noe that fingerprint withdrawal can only be made on GT bank ATM machines only.