Feelapy Income Program Review

I do not believe that income programs in Africa can ever cease to exist. This is because everyday the rate of unemployment in this part of the world on the increase while even those who are employed are seeking additional sources of income to meet ends meet. Not neglecting the fact that a handful of Nigerians are now capable of building websites with ease, just imagine learning to build a website for just #4000. Oh yes, I often see that in most campus WhatsApp groups. However, the big question we always ask when we see such income programs is “is it legit?” 


Today we are going to be talking about “Feel Happy”, lol, I actually believe that was were the word feelapy was coined from. Also, there is no doubt that the income program wanted members to be happy by offering to pay them for performing extremely simply tasks. Feelapy Income Program is one of the fastest growing earning platforms online that was opened or launched on the 6th of March 2020.


Like every other income platform, feelapy income platform combines social media, shopping, advertising, Income earning activities etc. 


How to earn from feelapy

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There are some easy tasks with cash prizes attached to them. When you complete them, you earn the price attached. Below is a list of some of the money earning activities.


  • Sharing of sponsored Post : if you are familiar with how this works, well done. However if you do not know listen up, all you need is to copy a link or article and paste it on your Facebook timeline and you automatically earn #200 and that is all. (Note : you are to post it in your Facebook timeline and not any Facebook group).


  • Login : imagining getting paid to login to your Facebook account, unfortunately, Facebook does not pay. But with feelapy you get paid the sum of #50 whenever you login to your feelapy account.


  • Referral Earning : it most times called Affiliate earning, Affiliate and referral mean the same thing. At feelapy you are paid 80% of the registration fee of anyone you refer to the platform, that is if you refer one person you automatically get #800, refer 10 people and you get #8000. So cool.


  • Subscription Renewal commission : this indeed is very strange, and after reviewing over 20 income programs in Nigeria I have not found something like this. What this simply means is if you refer 20 people in the month of January, and they renew their subscription for February, March, June till forever you will still be getting a commission of 80% every month. If this is really true I bet you it will be great. Although those other platforms accept a one time registration fee,as that can be the reason they do not run such system like this.
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Your activity earnings is paid to your local bank account after 2weeks with a minimum withdrawal of ₦2,000. 


Note : You do not need to refer people before you get paid.


How do I register at feelapy income program?


To register at feelapy income program is an extremely easy process a you have to do is 


  • Visit www.feelapy.com
  • Click on Register now
  • Fill the registration form, make sure all your details are correct to avoid future complications
  • Make payment either via paystack or coupon


N/B: You are to pay a registration of just N1000 monthly before becoming a member of the income program.

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Is it possible for feelapy to be a scam.


First of all you have to know that nothing last for every, many legit income forum today will become scams tomorrow when they are not able to meet up to demand. Money do not grow on trees, so certain some people tend to lost when engaging in such income program, but if you want to reduce the olds of you lossing, join a program that is extremely new and yet growing fast.

Listen again, this is my little secret, if an income program is new and yet growing very fast, there is a very high possibility of you profiting from it.

Both factors must be complete, I remember months back when I invested #5000 at rotary cash, yes it was new but the platform was stagnant, and being that such systems require more influx of people daily to be able to meet up to expectation, the forum crashed. Till date, my #5000 is still there.

So having all these things in mind I can get you that as at know feelapy income program is still paying and consider legit.

Good luck.