Advantages of rooting your Android device

Advantages of rooting your Android device

Before rooting your Android smartphone, it’s worth that you know the advantages and disadvantages of root. It is clear that getting superuser permissions for our mobile and installing a custom ROM greatly changes the experience of the device, however in recent years it has become increasingly common to wonder if it is worth being root on Android .


For those who still have doubts and want to know what being root contributes, here is a small list of what we have achieved. On the other hand, it is also important to know the risks that you will have and the reasons why it is not necessary to take this step. It is up to you to venture into the root world and make the most of your Android or continue enjoying your mobile through tricks and applications, which in many cases are already enough.


Advantages of rooting an Android phone


We will start with the advantages and benefits of rooting the mobile. Anyone rooting their Android for the first time will quickly notice the changes and potential. Install new applications, delete the ones we don’t want … these are the reasons why a user could be encouraged to root their Android phone.


You don’t worry about updates


There are mobiles that from one year to the next stop updating. It is usual, in all manufacturers it happens. Even Google does. But thanks to the root we can install ROMs such as LineageOS or Paranoid Android that work like a charm . If you want to give a second life to an old mobile this route is the one that will give us the best results.

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To all those who already want to change Android, I recommend that you first try to root it, unlock the bootloader and manually update it with a ROM. The device will remain the same, but the experience it offers has nothing to do with it.


Squeeze the hardware to the maximum and save the battery life


This reason is quite simple and I think all users are interested. Thanks to the root you can get better battery, better performance and in general, take advantage of the full potential of the internal components of the smartphone. If you already have a high range you may not have that need, but over the years the speed suffers and with the root you can give it that extra gear.


There are applications to modify the processor frequency, applications to analyze the battery and avoid wakelocks … the options are very diverse. You also remove applications from the system to free up space and get memory that was not otherwise accessible to you.


Everything to your liking


Do you want an ultra-minimalist Android phone that is controlled by gestures? Do you want an open source version without Google apps? Do you want weird icons and exotic fonts? Do you want everything to look huge? The possibilities are enormous and thanks to the root we can adapt Android to our needs.

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Personalization goes far beyond what is achieved by changing a launcher or installing an application. Thanks to tools such as Root Essentials or Xposed you can modify the smartphone at any level.


Activate additional or blocked functions


Smartphones have components of all kinds: processors, sound chips, Wi-Fi … They are manufactured by various companies that do not always coincide with the manufacturer of the smartphone. Also, these components often offer services that are not activated base. Thanks to root you can unlock functions that other devices similar to yours do.


You can also implement modes and services that improve your smartphone. For example, you can add compatibility with an application, improve the sound as Viper4android does, or even expand the possibilities of the camera.


With root the restrictions are removed. In fact, even some impediments like some applications not working with root can be solved with tools like Magisk. Again the potential that is achieved with superuser permissions are above the standard limitations imposed by manufacturers.


Detailed control and security


According to Android manufacturers, an android software is updated monthly with security patches. Even though I do not agree totally. But If you have complete access by rooting your device, you can directly implement these security measures or control all the permissions in detail, although be careful because it is a double-edged sword meaning that something that has or can have both favorable and unfavorable consequences. Applications can also gain superuser access and freely interact with the system.

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Another related topic is the possibility of blocking advertising to your liking. And who says ads says any item that tries to show itself. Root users have at their disposal tools to personally choose what will be displayed and what will have access to each part of Android.


Improve your knowledge of the Android world


It may seem like a minor point but it is probably one of the advantages that I appreciate most after a certain time in the root world. If you are a user curious about the world of computing by rooting and installing ROMs, you can touch key elements such as the Android SDK, learn ADB and fastboot commands and understand how the kernel, Google Apps or battery management works.


Having root means access to the bowels of the operating system to configure it to your liking. You may not need to touch anything, but just seeing the process will give us enough information. If you are an Android users for years and have not yet made the move to the root and ROM world, I strongly advise you to cheer up at least once. If only to understand the possibilities of an open system like Android.