247gist.com.ng Income Program Review: 247gist.com.ng Legit or scam?

A very close friend of mine told me about this new colourful income website called 247gist.com.ng and I decided to investigate if the platform is legit for the sake of my readers here. One important fact you must know is that despite the fact that it is quite easy for such income programs to pay their members because of the high use of the internet this period due to the Corona virus outbreak, it is still very possible to see a lot of scams among them.

Not everyone knows the benefits of keeping a clean sheet. Some people have no conscience as they are just bent on defrauding and stealing from people.

For the fact that everywhere is on lockdown and you are at home spending money while you are not earning doesn’t mean you should jump into any online program that seems enticing.

In fact today I am not just going to be reviewing 247gist.com.ng but I am also going to be taking you through the review process so that you on your own can have a smarter mind in knowing potential scams.

Like I usually tell my friends, everyone has two paths in life, it is either you learn from your mistake or you learn from the mistakes of others. 

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So let’s get started.


What is 247gist.com.ng

This website is not quite different from the rest we have been hearing about. It is similar to nnu forum and lpv forum in terms of operation. However, the big question everyone is asking is “is it legit?”


To know if it is legit, I would advise you take a look at my legit scanner, I usually include it to my previous articles but for a while now  I have not. I would add it here.

How to identify scam

Before you invest your money in any platform you have to take a proper look at the revenue model. How does that website generate the money they are paying you? Let’s take a look at one popular Ponzi scheme that has crashed now, it is called ultimate cycler, you invest #12500 and get #50000 under 7 days. Now think of it, how do they get to pay you 4x your money under a short period of time. It quite simple, just as you pay #12500, four people will be paired to pay you #12500 each making it #50000.

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Now think about it for a while. That system is surely going to crash, that is why such schemes are called Ponzi schemes because they Rob Peter to pay Paul.


So let us apply this.


First of all, how do you earn on 247gist.com.ng


It is very simple.

    • You earn #100 daily for login.
    • You earn #5 for every post you read.
    • You earn #100 for any sponsoring post you share on your Facebook timeline.
    • You earn #25 for every comment you made at the website.
    • You earn #1000 for everyone you refer to the platform.
    • You earn #200 for every post you submit to the platform that finally gets approved.


  • You earn your registration fee back instantly as a welcome bonus (unbelievable, something is fishing!)



How to register at 247gist.com.ng


  • Go to 247gist.com.ng
  • Click on the menu if you are using a mobile device.
  • Click on register.
  • Aftering registration, upgrade to a paid plan.
  • You are expected to pay the registration fee of #1500 via paystack (credit or atm card) or via coupon code.
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What is their withdrawal policy?


For referral earners you can request a withdrawal when you get to a minimum threshold of #2000 and get paid within six hours.

But as a non referral earner you get paid on the 26thbof every month and you only get paid when your earning exceed #3000.


Is this legit? My conclusion


Well, from experience I would rate 247gist.com.ng as a scam, although that might be paying currently, but I do not think it would last for long. Think of it, when you register, they give you back your registration fee back and also give the person who referred you #1000. They also pay you for activities. It is not like they are paying you to join the platform. Where do they expect to get the money to finance all their multiple giveaways in the form of bonus.

Well I do not recommend this income website to anyone.

Have a nice day.